How to sell homemade cakes online success by

How to sell homemade cakes online success

The success of a homemade cakes business will not stop without being accompanied by efforts, one of which is understanding market share. So, Hi readers, We Wanna Share Now, about how to sell homemade cakes online success with simple tips before you start your business. So, Check it out below and read this article until finish. Hopefully can inspire you.

Understanding Market Share of sell homemade cakes

How to understand market share even though you haven’t been in this business yet? Use competitor experience as the best teacher to sell homemade cakes. As discussed in the previous point, you should study from competitors. Learn how your competitors enter the market, what types of cakes they sell, what their quality is, and how much they cost. Use this information as the basis for supplying cakes to the market. With the right tactics, the loss may be smaller.

Plan first before you Action to sell homemade cakes online

Before starting a business, you must have a detail plan. Some of the things that must be considered in a cake business plan include the area of ​​business, the capital required, the type of cake to be produced, and the target market. Planning is needed so that the business that you will feel can go well together. Without planning, the business you dream of may be hampered by many things.

Write a business and marketing plan to sell homemade cakes. The business plan includes details of what to sell, how it differs from the competition, and how it plans to run the business. Marketing plans are tips for finding and reaching customers. Some ideas to consider are contacting local cafes and shops to find out if they will be selling pastries or selling them via online order.

Learn From Competitors

Competitors in a business can also be used as appropriate learners. For example in the cake business, you can use the experience of competitors for business studies. Observe where your competitors usually sell their pastries. Find out including about what customers like and don’t like from your competitors. Follow the positives and stay away from the negatives that you learned from competitors when building a business.

Choosing a Strategic Location

Location is one of the things that you must consider in starting a home cake business. Strategic selling areas, such as traditional markets, roadside outlets, malls, or shop houses. Each region has its own potential. The costs you need include are not the same for each location.

The price for renting a shophouse is more expensive than renting a stall in a traditional market. Pay attention to the type of cake you are selling if it matches the location. For example, traditional wet cakes are more suitable for sale in traditional markets. You also have to pay attention to whether there are competitors in the area where you are selling. The existence of competitors will greatly affect the development of the business you run.

Choosing a strategic area can increase your income, for example opening a cake business in the market, on the side of the highway, at home or even leaving it in someone else’s stall. If you intend to start a small cake business at home, then you must be good at promoting your sales to neighbors, let alone other people. Each area certainly has different potential, so please choose an area that you think is suitable for selling cakes.

Try Online Research First to Find Keyword for selling homemade cakes from home by

Use keywords that can have potentially Sell homemade cakes. Apart from selling products online, of course you have also shopped for products online. So, to find a product that fits your needs, of course you are looking for certain keywords to Sell homemade cakes. You can use Google to find it. Many people use Google Keyword Suggest, and Google Trends also to have good keyword result for Selling homemade cakes.

You can also apply this when writing food product descriptions, for example :

  • Best spices for steak seasoning
  • Selling homemade cakes with character
  • Buy cheap cake packages
  • Buying frozen grilled chicken
  • Buying cheap donuts

Describe your Food Product

Still confused about making a picture of a food product that will make you drool? You can try to pay attention to competitors. Look at the communication steps and use the appropriate language to use, maybe you have to use English. So, for more than one example, here is an example of a food product description to Sell homemade cakes that appeals to customers.

1. An example of an overview of bakery food products
Buy soft buns made with 100% Arabian technique. This vegan white bread uses ube with Japanese technique, has a natural sweet taste with a happy color. Made without eggs, milk and butter. We use soy milk and olive oil for vegan bread dough. If the order is after 15:00, it will be processed the next day.

2. An example of a description of traditional food products

Selling authentic Bika Ambon which will make you miss it. The cake is made using authentic Medan recipes that are guaranteed to enjoy the taste and texture. The right sweet taste combined with the soft texture of the cake makes this cake definitely addictive.

  • Only use premium raw materials
  • Proper and soft sweet cake taste
  • Fresh from the oven
  • Hold 3 days outside the refrigerator and 1 week in the refrigerator

3. An example of a donut food product description
Homemade potato donuts. Perfect for making stock snacks for your little one at home! Diameter is approx. 7 cm. Can be sent cooked or 1/2 cooked. There are various styles of practical toppings, powdered sugar, crème cheese, and sprinkles.

4. An example of a cat food product description
Each bowl contains a tantalizing mix of flavors plus a touch of seaweed. For seafood-loving cats, buying this cat food can provide both extra and lots of delicious seafood flavors.

  1. With flavors of tuna, salmon, whitefish, crab & shrimp
  2. 100% complete & balanced nutrition for adult cats
  3. High quality protein to maintain lean muscle
  4. Antioxidants support the immune system & Calcium for strong bones and teeth
  5. Essential fatty acids along with omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin and coat

Those are various examples of food product descriptions that you can make reference to. Don’t forget to focus on the advantages of your selling product.

Finally, Provide information to potential buyers that the food products you sell are different from food products made by other manufacturers.


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